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privacy policy
Altair Ingeniería (In the successive, "ALTAIR") considers as fundamental objective to guarantee and to protect the privacy and the confidentiality of the  personal information of its Users, according to the legislation in force. 

With the purpose to assure such objective and in order to protect its intimacy and privacy, ALTAIR has edited the present Privacy Center, in order to inform to its clients about: (1) the processing that ALTAIR carries out of your personal information and (2) all those measures that adopt to guarantee its protection. 

The processing of any personal information of the users obtained in the network ownership of ALTAIR will be carried out according to what is established in the present Policy Privacy. 

The utilization of the site altairsa.com and of any of the incorporated services, supposes the full acceptance of the conditions that are declared in the present Privacy Center. Because of it, you, the User, declares that has fully read, understood and accepted them. 

By the exchange of any personal information through any in-line forms typed that be incorporated in the Network ownership of ALTAIR, you declare your consent so that the data supplied be: (1) incorporated to a database file of ownership and responsibility of ALTAIR and (2) treated in conformity with the objective established in the present Privacy Center and in the Altair services used. 

Scope of application
The file structure, equipment and information systems

With the purpose to give owed fulfillment to the legislation in force, the terms of the present Privacy Center will apply to all the files owned by ALTAIR that contain personal information, as well as to any equipment and information system that process it, being property of ALTAIR or of any third that utilize them. 

The personnel of ALTAIR and the responsible for the processing
The terms collected in the Privacy Center and, in concrete, the duty of confidentiality  are of obliged fulfillment for all the personnel hired by ALTAIR and for all those third parties that, by virtue of a contract, have access to the personal information and to the equipment and information systems of ALTAIR. 

Modification of the Privacy Center
ALTAIR reserves the right to modify the content of the Privacy Center for the purpose of adapting it to the legislative adjustments, as well as to the ones that could be derived from codes existing in the matter or, in their case, by strategic corporate decisions. 

If ALTAIR is going to use your personal information in a way different to the one established in the Privacy Center in force  at the moment of personal information transfer, ALTAIR will do every possible effort to contact you by means of the e-mail address that have given us.  Nevertheless, if you have not given us permission to contact you, we will not do it.  In any case, users will be notified of this change by means of the publication of a notification in the website of ALTAIR

Questions, complaints or suggestions
For any doubt, complaint or suggestion about this privacy policy or the processing of your data by ALTAIR, please fill in and send us our Contact Form.  In this form you are asked to indicate your name and e-mail address.  It is possible that the forms automatically transmit information about your browser, operating system, and if so, your personal ALTAIR ID, everything in order to serving you better.  Your data will only be used to contact you about your comments in case of need.  The data contained in these forms are stored for two months in our servers before being canceled.  In no case, the data that you supply through the form will be used for campaigns of marketing.

privacy policy
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